free backgrounds for blogs

The tile backgrounds on the following pages were designed especially for blogs, and will be updated weekly. They are arranged in groups of 16, loosely coordinated by color/theme. Right click on an image to save to your hard drive. All the images have been saved as 16-color gifs; you can resave them in fewer colors for even smaller file sizes. Click on a background to see it tile in a new window; you can open more than one preview window to see how backgrounds will look together.

Please do not link directly to these images, and please do have fun!

Terms of Use:

  • You can use the background tiles offered here for any of your personal or commercial projects.
  • You are not authorized to give away, sell, package or redistribute any of these images in any way, nor to include them in any sets or collections. Do not offer any of these tiles on another web site.
  • And, of course, you cannot copyright these designs. That's all. If you'd like to link back to my site it is deeply appreciated, but not a condition of use.

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