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About Me:

You can call me "taz". I'm an American living in Greece, and when I first began playing around with making web sites I started looking for seamless tiles to use in certain designs. There were a lot of sites offering tiles and backgrounds, but only a few that had what I thought were interesting patterns. Another problem I had with most of the backgrounds that were available was that they were designated for "personal, non-commercial use", which to me meant that if I used them on a web site that I would be paid for, that was a "commercial use" and therefore I couldn't use those tiles.

Also, I print and use tiles for collage projects, note cards, albums, book markers, and a variety of objects and items; what if I wanted to sell any of these items? I've also been playing around with making a kids' book in which the illustrations are collaged... what if I wanted to try to sell this book to a publisher and I had used a repeating pattern in a border somewhere? The "personal, non-commercial use" caveat was quite irritating to me, so I began to try making my own tiles, and ended by becoming quite obsessed and creating far more than I could ever use. So, I decided to start this site to share what I'm doing, with as few limitations as possible.

I have PayPal and Amazon Wishlist links on my background pages, which means this: If you feel like donating something, that would be lovely. If you don't, then that's lovely too. If you feel like emailing me, but wonder if you should, here's the answer: you should. It makes me happy to know that people are reading the site, and I love to hear comments. Sometimes, though, I'm bad about writing back right away. Bad. Bad.

About the Site:

Tile-a-day is the daily section, offering something new every single day, plus links of interest and occasional tips. "Bloggrounds" features small-format backgrounds that can work well for any site, but are especially useful for blogs. OverAlls is the section for backgrounds that are semi-transparent, designed to work with your choice of background color. You are not required to link back to Citrus Moon if you use any of the backgrounds, but every link helps in the struggle to stand out in a crowd of 1,700,000 background sites, so links back, when convenient, are always greatly appreciated. All the tiles offered here can be considered "open source"; in other words, you can resize, recolor and dabble to your heart's content.

I try to lay out the pages so that they will work in as many monitor resolutions as possible, but I am using 1024 x 768 at the moment, so things will naturally look better that way. I often create example pages to show how the backgrounds might work on a site, and lately I've tried to do this using only CSS. These are definitely not template pages though. While you are free to use the layouts (especially as a beginning point), I'm not a CSS expert and these are basically just "rough sketches" that I haven't spent the time to fully test and flesh out.

Please remember, the background tiles offered directly from this site are pretty much free for you to use however you want, but that's not necessarily true of the pages I link to. Be careful to check for a terms of use statement on those pages - if there isn't any, assume you have no rights to reproduce the works in any way.

Finally, if you have used one or more Citrus Moon tiles on a project, I would love to see it! Drop me a line and tell me where to look, if you feel like sharing...

About Your Privacy:

Citrus Moon does not collect any personal information from visitors.

IP addresses are logged by our servers but these are not linked to anything personally identifiable; your session will be logged for purposes of collecting statistical information about the number of visitors to our site, but the user remains anonymous.

You should be aware that when you are on Citrus Moon you could be directed to other sites that are beyond our control. There are links to other sites from Citrus Moon that take you outside our service, including links from advertisers, sponsors, associates, or just sites of interest. These other sites may send their own cookies to users, or otherwise collect data or solicit personal information. Always be careful when sharing personal information online - including message boards, chat, contests, quizzes, and lotteries. Some sites exist solely for the purpose of collecting ("harvesting") e-mail addresses and a variety of personal information. Think before revealing details such as your address, telephone number, or even main e-mail address; are these details that you want just anybody to know? If you are unsure, check the site's privacy statement, or do a general search to see what you can find out about the site. Tip: it's always a good idea to have a web-mail address to use when you are unsure about sharing your main e-mail address.